Stained Glass Weagle Window

Decorate your house with this lovely stained glass window, ahowing two wiggles frollicing around happily, probably dreaming of sweet human flesh.
why you would like a reminder of these horrible creatures in your home is beyond us, but what the heck - it's for charity*!

*not really charity

House Boat "Vacation"

You have a chance to win a fabulous house boat vacation on the river Snorsh! Enjoy the sun, the pollutio- *ahm*, the ENRICHED river air and the "dolphins" swimming alongside your boat.

this prize includes a 30-day mandatory stay at the houseboat. Also, the boat is full of weagles. You are not allowed to remove the weagles from the boat (Ha! Good luck even trying!) as they are, speaking in strictly technical legal terms, your landlords.
You are not allowed to leave the house boat before your 30-day vacation is up, but you are allowed to stare at the river banks wistfully, dreaming of the life you once had, of the man you once were.

Meet and Greet with Mr. David Caruso

Spend an evening with the renowned actor, star of stage and screen, Mr. David Caruso!
Included in the meet and greet is a $10 cupon to Snorshdonalds so that you and Mr. Caruso can share a meal; please do not feed Mr. Caruso after midnight.

the Snorsh tourism board must ask that at no point of the evening will you unchain Mr. Caruso.

An All-Expenses Paid Vacation to Snorsh*!

Visit scenic Snorsh!
Enjoy the many and varied fun things there are to do here in Snorsh, which are real and we aren't listing them here because we don't have room and MOST DEFINITELY because we can't think of any!

*all expenses paid by you.